Impact of Hobbies – MEJO 121

I produced this video as apart of my final project for my digital storytelling class at the UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media. I wrote a digital story about the impact of hobbies on college students. Additionally, I was required to interview someone directly impacted by your selected topic, collect b-roll, and edit a video together.

Description: Mikayla Goss is a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, studying media and journalism. This is her first semester on campus after transferring in from a community college. The transition was tough at first; This is her first time living on her own, away from her family, and the academics are more challenging. But, her love for taking photos helped her navigate through this new environment and cope with the stress.

Floraffiti – Imagining UNC's Future With Art

I produced this video for the Center for the Study of the American South at UNC-Chapel Hill. It is a part of their project, "Imagining UNC's Future with Art". I edited together the interviews, photos, background music, and various title pages. 

Description: Floraffiti is a public art placemaking and community engagement project that was founded in 2013. Florafitti Artists Carter Hubbard and Sonny Kelly discuss the meaning and process behind it.