One Does Their Makeup Wrong — Change My Mind

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Photo by Mihai Stefan on Unsplash

I was a late bloomer when it came to learning about makeup, especially in today’s society.

The Beauty Community has taken over. I’ve seen children as young as 10 posting makeup tutorials on YouTube.

But, my makeup journey was not any different from these children. I had to figure out the world of beauty products through influencers on the internet.

As someone who suffered horrible acne from ages 11 to 19, makeup had the potential to be my knight in shining armor.

But, no amount of foundation could hide the condition of my skin. Yes, it evened out my skin tone, but it was bumpy as hell — makeup somehow made my face and acne look worse.

So, the idea of makeup had to be suppressed.

After trying every single drug store acne treatment and a bottle of Proactiv, I got prescribed some creams and pills from a dermatologist. The bumps slowly faded away.

With my new-found confidence and skincare routine, I became obsessed with makeup tutorials like every 18-year-old. The first “beauty guru” I subscribed to was NikkieTutorials.

This is where I learned the word “full-coverage.” I was in aw by her transformation in each video. Her makeup is always flawless.

I continued down this rabbit hole and started watching everyone: Jeffree StarJames CharlesJaclyn HillTati WestbrookPatrickStarrr, etc. I learned how to beat my face, everything from contour to lipliner.

I continued to ask my friends if I could do their makeup. The picture below is my BFF, Aya, during our freshman year of college. This is the first time I seriously tried to do eyeshadow on someone. Before this, I typically I stayed away from it

If you move past the fact that the foundation is too light for her skin, the smoky eye is not too bad. It’s not Nikki Tutorials, but it’s good for us mere mortals.

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I soon began to invest in eyeshadow pallets from Marshalls where overstock from Too Faced and Anastasia Beverly Hills went.

But as much as I tried to replicate the looks from these beauty gurus I watched, it never looked the same. And it never will.

The same look on two different people is not going to look completely the same. Everyone has skin tones, lid space, how long someone’s eyelashes are, five heads, etc. You can learn tips and tricks, but turns out makeup is a lot of personal preference.

Hence why Everyone does their makeup differently.

Telling somebody they are doing their makeup wrong is like telling them they are doing art wrong. You can learn tips and tricks on how to draw, but at the end of the day, art is about self-expression.

Makeup can be done differently, but no one can do it wrong.